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Brevard Public Schools will serve its community and enhance students’ lives by delivering the highest quality education in in a a a a a a a a culture of dedication collaboration and learning (2 44%) Native (0 29%)
To serve every student with excellence as the standard • We must have a a a a passionate commitment to high standards and and student success • We must have a a a a professional teaching culture marked by shared purpose collaboration innovative spirit and continual learning • We must revere data that provides feed- back to students inform programmatic and and instructional decisions and and support focused intervention efforts CORE BELIEFS
• We must build relationships among
adults and students - anchored in in caring and and trust and and fueled by the mission to student success • We must commit to a relentless pursuit of teaching methodologies that foster student engagement critical thinking self-efficacy and content mastery • We must let compassion conviction and intense dedication to the mission of teaching and and learning stand as the trademark of our work • We must have a a a zero tolerance for destructive negativism • We must constantly connect people to the nobility of our mission 

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