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設立宗旨及發展簡史  Introduction

            水圈學院(簡稱本學院)(College of Hydrosphere Science)  成立於 2004 年 2 月
            1 日,乃因應政府對海洋政策之承諾及本校改制為科技大學而創立。本學院以

            為發 展 主軸,強化職場體驗的「產業導向學習」,提供水產產業亟需之實務技術人才。

            In order to demonstrate the promise of ocean policy dictated by our government, the
            College of Hydrosphere Science was established on February 1, 2004. Our aim is to

            cultivate the future leaders in the fields of "aquatic science and technology", as well as
            bridge the gap between academia research and aquatic biological industry, strengthen

            working  experience  in  industry,  and  provide  qualified  human  resource  to  aquatic

            系所單位  Department



            College  of  Hydrosphere  Science  uniquely  offers  students  the  technological  and

            vocational  education  in  aquatic  field.  The  organization  of  college  comprises  six

            departments,  including  Department  and  Institute  of  Fisheries  Production  and

            Management, Department and Institute of Seafood Science, Department and Institute

            of Aquaculture, Department and Institute of Marine Biotechnology, Department and

            Institute of Marine Environmental Engineering, and Ph.D. Program of Aquatic Science

            and  Technology  in  Industry.  Development  of  talent  cultivation  and  research

            environment in industry-academia research is our main target over the years.

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