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(reply) Here is the 23 September 2014 email allegedly (in your opinion above) “stating at para 5 that you had no  available Reserves to cover this cost.and telling the lessees: the absence of available Reserves  for these particular emergency works all lessees are required to pay”
You can add this as yet another “game set and match”..... the more rubbish and errors you advise me of, the more references I will find to prove your client’s dishonesty and incompetence.
Can you see any reference at para 5 which I am presuming to be (v) - I can’t?
And before anyone else comes back with ridiculous ignorant comments here's a list of examples of stupid and or retarded ones - re: email this a.m. from Flat 9 which, from some quarters, namely Maria, it appears some other lessees are in TOTAL sympathy and agreement with....? You could NOT possibly have read it...! But suggest you do this one - take it on holiday and read on a 12 hour flight.
See how many queries you can answer yourself from the hordes and hundreds of emails Management have sent as information or in replies since 14 July 2011....(my comments in brackets if need arises or to push home the point) - and name me one item here that hasn't been replied to in previous emails or has- n't been uploaded and advised as such on our website ( and I'll donate my £2000 to the lucky winner.
As per previous warnings, rescheduling of intended works has been instigated and no lessee need pay their £2000. I get mine back thankfully until it's lost as above - but it's safer than the Bank Of England I can assure you.
Replacement Tank cost is £7810.80 incl. vat (see attached quote) - yes, more that what I feared £5000 odd - but needs doing fast - see photos attached - don't brush your teeth till done.
i)_We asked for professionalism and transparency, which continue to be missing to date: the website dis- proves that (
ii)_Who is really performing the internal and external works? Who is receiving payments and when? (A.R. Lawrence x 2, when is not your concern)
iii)_imposing or performing works none of us agreed (TV aerial) - (most were agreeable to a communal tv install we thought)
iv)_you had excluded (Lift) - (the lift was never in the Surveyor's Specifications and not quoted for by A.R Lawrence in £105,019) (
v)_How have the works been prioritised? (Works schedule sent twice)
vi)_What is the status of the electricity and telephone wiring at the building? Does it comply with current rules and regulations? Can you please provide relevant certification? (yes complies, yes PIR Cert done. Yes Michele requested same - despite having received twice previously - ask her)
vii)_How is it possible that we discover such a large liability of the water tank in the middle of the works rather than before starting? How have you instructed the surveyor? (tri-annual test/visit happened to coin- cide with scheduled works - lucky!) The Surveyor has zero to do with items outside of the schedule of works - it's a management responsibility like the PIR Electricity Cert, like the Fire Regulations cert, like the Lift Safety cert - it's called Health & Safety (H&S)
viii)_TV aerial: the reference was to sky satellite dish, (vetoed by Flat 5 years ago then again recently - but worryingly, she's happy with Communal TV which does actually include a satellite cable for future use if needed - ALL as described in detail, cost, payments next year etc in emails - so how come all these stu- pid queries yet again - refer back to one of the 20 virtual emails received last week as you insist - must be there somewhere)
ix)_The Lift (quoted at £9669 plus vat (see attached Kone quote), not included in Surveyor's Specs, done by Management for £200 odd - Michele likes the colour! - all other comments are stupid, irrelevant and ig- norant - and dark grey or black requested 'cos it won't scratch or show dust is without doubt retarded! And yes, I decided the colour, did the work and paid for the paint. And your pathetic photos showing usual errors still needing fixing (and are being) is typical of your ignorance of workings and schedules - just nit- picking to cause mischief - juvenile and very un British.
x)_Scope of Works and costs (Surveyor's Specs, A.R. Lawrence, £105,019 - xi)_Savings here and there (you'd have to ask a psychiatrist to get an answer to that - either you wish to make savings or you do not - Management does on behalf of those lessees who are not stupid or re- tarded)

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