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xii)_Water Storage Tank (it's called force majeure - just bad timing coming when you're refusing to honour agreements to pay - could happen to anything at Mitre House, the Lift, the various pipeworks, the electrics, the plumbing etc etc - that's why we have to have spare capacity in the Reserves)
xiii)_Safety & Security - (answered above (iv) and (vii) - you must think we are stupid and retarded to live and work in a dangerous environment)
xiv)_Our Windows (no problem but totally unbelievable - you were just snooping (as you did with the Grangewood Quote when you kept them waiting 24 hours and then did same again being late for A.R. Lawrence - just wasting everybody's time as usual) and previously had the audacity to request of me im- pertinent queries as to my personal works association with A.R. Lawrence. You even enquired of me if the interior windows were included? Another very ignorant query if you understood exterior renovations prop- erly especially after your experience above Byron - didn't you learn anything?)
xv)_Managing Funds (only Flats 3 and unbelievably, Flat 5 have paid their usually requested £650 each (retaining their £2000 donations) meaning there is no money in the service charge to pay the Insurance - therefore (which is the norm), money is taken when required from the Reserves to pay for items needing paying - like the Insurance. By not needing the third colour (or as of midday, almost any paint at all) the £1875 cost was saved (and if you think an additional colour or additional coat of paint comes at no charge you are definitely stupid)
xvi)_Management Fees & Overcharging (you ain't seen nothing yet as believe me what you are getting for the fees charged at present is quite staggeringly good despite your accusations of non-transparency (the mere fact you can ask the questions you do and get a reply answers that one), the careful husbandry of all expenses including these (now partially) on-going works, leaving aside a 40% three year reduction in Quarterly Demands yet still maintaining Mitre House properly (and no stupid comment about not keeping Reserves fully funded - they have been and are to any sensible and affordable proportion to those not renting out at £650 a week and paying £1000 a week rental down the road.... you live in a different world than some of us). BUT, despite Management's advice to not overspend, using firstly what Management proposed in their £25,000 budget for the Internals, you and some other lessees insisted on A.R. Lawrence's agreed £105,019 which required a donation from all lessees of £2000 (as per Section 20 dated 22nd June) as only £98,262.75 was in Reserves once September (usual) Quarterlies was paid. Of which as example Flat 9 have contributed £3600 odd (as indeed have Flats 1 and 3) - which makes them pretty junior partners in how it gets spent when the average is nearer £14,500 for old timers. xvii)_Shortages & Overdrawn (ref (xvi) above - your maths will no doubt agree that £105,019 less Re- serves of £98,262 amounts to a shortfall of £6757 - leaving not a red cent in reserves to cover any addi- tional exterior works or contingencies at Mitre House (such as the regrettable Water Tank replacement costed now at £7810.80 incl. vat) And do NOT forget, Management had sourced an alternative quote (Benitor) for exactly what we had in Reserves, namely £98,000. As you will recall, the Benitor quote was rejected and consequently your choice of A.R. Lawrence was adopted for £105,019 on the understanding that a minimum £2000 would be required from all lessees, despite objection from three lessees who are the only ones who have paid and now lucky enough to be fully reimbursed. If that ain't a stupid and re- tarded situation to have placed Mitre House/the works/the schedule/all lessees in, tell me what is? xviii)_Shortages & Overdrawn - cont 2. Had all lessees (instead of just three, now reimbursed) paid the agreed £2000 (as per Section 20 dated 22nd June - attached) approx. £11,243 would have been avail- able in Reserves for panics.
xix)_Shortages & Overdrawn - cont 3. That £11,243 COULD (I REPEAT COULD) have been used for the Communal TV install (£3900) so tidying up both frontage, rear and roof of all redundant cabling etc AND WILL BE REQUIRED to pay the £7810.80 for the new replacement Water Tank (£3900 plus £7810.80 = £11,710.80 versus in Reserves once all lessees pay their Quarterlies plus their £2000 of only £11,243 - ie we're broke again with a deficit of £467.80
xx)_Shortages & Overdrawn - cont 4. BUT THANKFULLY, the December Quarterlies will then have been due (25 December 2014) which would not only have replenished the Reserves but as previously indi- cated, we could have clawed back the Communal TV Install monies (£3900) - if it had proceeded, but now cancelled - by simply adding on a miserable £108 per lessees per each of the four quarters for YE2015 - simple accounting and nobody gets hurt or has to pay.
That's it - anybody who can't understand all points above is without doubt stupid or retarded - but all aca- demic as rescheduling has now taken place, there is no need for anyone to pay the additional £2000 but best you pay the other usual amount or further reductions will entail and if we can't afford to pay for the emergency installation of the new tank (see attached quote £6509 plus vat), we'll probably all die of poi- soning including your tenants - so beware.

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