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The sum of £2,582.74 which was improperly charged to Mrs Hillgarth in respect of the ”Right  to Manage" application pursued by Mitre House RTM Company Limited should be released  and credited to her share of shareholders funds. To the extent that money has been used to  pay you personally you would obviously need to reimburse the company.
Until litigation has started we will be unable to obtain formal disclosure of the MHML bank accounts  to see exactly what has been paid out and to whom. But in order to save court time, as well as your  own, you may prefer voluntarily to produce a copy bank statement of MHML covering the relevant  period and show- ing how the reserves went from £98,262 to £10,385. You have said a number of  times you have nothing to hide, so why hide it? You must understand that you are completely  discredited in the eyes of the lessees. If they cannot trust you, how can you possibly expect them to go on entrusting further service charge money to you?
(reply) Oh dear - had there been anything to hide (and what exactly can be hidden save for the thoroughly inappropriate query over Mr Brown-Constable’s personal earnings for time and effort expended on certain workings for far less cost than hiring in alternative suppliers?) we would not have offered to comply within days of your request was your additional innuendos and mali- cious accusations, all since denied and proven as rubbish, that is the hold-up!
I note that Mr Karupiah has resigned as a director of MHML. While I can well understand why he  might have chosen to do this, it is important to recognize that his resignation does not protect him  from the consequences of misfeasance carried out by him or by MHML while he was a director of it.
(reply) Yes indeed and I don’t blame him as he has better things to do than put up with Mrs Hillgarth’s despicable dishonesty and unprofessionalism day in, day out for years not just months. He also works hard, often abroad, a young family to support and then having to face the wrath and viciousness of Mrs Hillgarth’s ad nauseam incompetent and ill-informed queries and complaints, it’s a miracle he didn’t throw the towel in years ago...Your implied reference to any culpability on his or Dima International’s or our Accountant’s part is simply adding to the charge of defamation and slander in your client’s thoroughly obnoxious and vexatious libels to date.
My innocence of the libellous comments and accusations made to date to third parties is,
despite your further accusations of “several hundred pages of your irrelevant attachments” well proven in those same “several hundred pages of your irrelevant attachments.” And as stated “no doubt an apology could follow” sounds suspiciously like an admission!
Leaving aside her signing off Tenancy Agreements with falsified information. Let alone sub-letting without properly carpeting. Let alone subletting without first gaining permission. Let alone permit- ting animals to reside on her premises - all as made clear in her lease as being legally required covenants to be addressed. And please no comment about MHML’s worldwide office complexes owned by “old” girlfriends....That did not make me too popular...the “old” bit I mean.
Settlement Proposal 
In a final attempt to save my time and your expense by bringing this matter to a conclusion without  court proceedings, I am authorized to confirm that Mrs Hillgarth is willing (a) to release you and your  co-direc- tors from all civil claims against you in respect of matters arising prior to today's date, and  (b) to waive any claim against you and your co-directors for her legal fees in this matter, and (c) not  to press criminal charges against you or your co-directors, provided that the following outcomes can  be achieved: 
(a) Change of Management 
This could be accomplished if the existing directors of MHML (ie now just Dana [Dima] and yourself)  will tender their resignation in writing from the board of MHML, to be replaced by
such  other leaseholder directors as the remaining leaseholders may nominate, and by complying  with the proposal made to you by Royal London Insurance Limited through their solicitors  Macfarlanes. This involves issuing shares in MHML to all those leaseholders at Mitre House  who do not presently hold shares in MHML. Thus the issued share capital of MHML would  become £9, consisting of 9 Ordinary Shares of £1 each, and one Ordinary Share of £1 in  MHML will be held by each of the nine leaseholders at Mitre House. Once this has  happened the leaseholders can make up their minds how they wish the block to be managed  in the future and by who.
(b) Redress for Mrs Hillgarth

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