xto clp maria 12-6-17 Mitre House The Mrs Hillgarth Affair update
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From: Paul Brown-Constable studio@graffiti.biz Subject: Mitre House - The Mrs Hillgarth Affair update
Date: 12 June 2017 at 15:26
To: Leigh-Pemberton Christopher clp@sw12group.com, Leoni-Sceti Maria mleonisceti@gmail.com
Dear Mr. Leigh-Pemberton and Mrs Leoni-Sceti,
I’m considering both you and Mrs Leoni-Sceti as witnesses for the prosecution hence my formality.
As you have both made clear, you are not happy with present management, consider us incommunicative, withholding requested information, maintaining a website to confuse and unfit to continue etc.
We have attempted to establish fact from fiction and hopefully you are both aware of Mrs Hillgarth’s own admission in her Witness Statement that no lessee, including yourselves, made any request for information from our year ended 2014 accounts within the statutory six month period.
You might also be aware that Mrs Hillgarth’s prime complaint is that we (Management) made substantial savings from the agreed budget for the 2014 works (£105,019 to include vat & fees) and spent those same savings on works that were not included in the approved Schedule of Works (Lift etc as outlined in quotes Mrs Hillgarth received from her preferred contractor Wade - and in fact the same company and quote (£60,000) you both voted for).
We have maintained that Mrs Hillgarth was more than aware of this situation and was in full agreement with it. This she has denied and hence the upcoming court case to have us removed for various reasons including your observations and hers.
I think the attached audio clip is proof perfect that indeed Mrs Hillgarth was fully aware and in full agreement?
I hope this somewhat clarifies our position as to honesty and integrity and quite possibly negates any criticism on our Management skills as rubbished, unfairly in our opinion, in your various recent statements. We have sent same to Mrs Hillgarth on 10th and 11th June requesting her comment but none has been forthcoming. We feel this information is relevant to the case in hand and the information contained in the audio clip (65 secs from a 6hr 45mins clip) is something you both should be made aware of to come to your own conclusion as to the veracity of our denials to date to all of Mrs Hillgarth’s and your accusations and observations, which in both your cases we feel has been totally due to Mrs Hillgarth’s misinformation relayed to you both and other lessees, to our (Management’s) distinct disadvantage.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Brown-Constable
Paul Brown-Constable / +44 207 589 7502 Mbl: +44 798 33 33 543 on behalf of the Directors of

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