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 No Problems – Only Solutions For The Global Movement Of Oversized Oil and Gas Equipment
     For over 40 years ALS’ experienced teams have offered multi modal logistics solutions for the worldwide shipment of abnormal loads and out of gauge cargo.
Working closely with manufacturers and contractors the knowledgeable team can arrange the transportation of new and second-hand equipment and components such as turbines, rotors, heat exchangers, and economisers for the oil and gas industry by road, rail, air, and sea.
Not being reliant on trailer locations and vessel schedules the team support clients with a personalised service providing a bespoke solution depending on timescale, budget and location required.
With teams in the UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, South Africa and inhouse native speaking Russian and Turkish nationals as well as reliable worldwide partners the team are fully equipped to be “Your local partner for providing global logistics solutions”.
ALS’ friendly team look forward to supporting you. “Every single cargo is precious to us”
Types of work undertaken includes:
• 1.705 T charter for a drilling rig - romania - israel
• 300T cable reel from UK to UsA
This shipment involved road transportation, an SPMT, floating crane, short sea and deep sea vessel. The combined trailer length was the equivalent to six double decker buses - 90m with a total of 292 wheels
• Full charter shipment for 17 long flare risers - UAE - saudi Arabia
Cargo measured up to 25.20 metres long, 4.50 meters width and 5.60 metres high which were loaded safely from the trailer directly on the vessel and shipped for use in the petrochemical industry.
• vessel charter for 448 Tonne mobile offshore production unit - France - Abu Dhabi
The Riser measured an impressive 71.48m long, 4.36m diameter and with a substantial weight of 448 tons.

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