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 Your Partner in Safety – The H&S TOOL DefenderTM
 CLIMAX pioneered the portable machining revolution in 1966. For more than 50 years, we have been the innovators and technology leaders in the industry we invented. Our automated ‘Hands-Free’ remote control systems have revolutionized the way operators and companies approach their onsite machining projects. We are proud to introduce the H&S TOOL DefenderTM Clamshell with the Patent Pending ‘Hands-Free’ Remote Control and Protection System.
Patent Pending Dynamic Automated ‘Hands- Free’ Remote Control and Protection System will reshape the way you approach your pipe cutting and beveling projects.
Pneumatic conditioning unit with a low-pressure safety interlock system prevents unintended re- starts after the loss of supplied air pressure and E-stop for quick stops & controlled re-starts.
The Flow Control allows users to control the speed remotely – Slow down for heavy-wall, for more
precise cutting after machining weld overlay, or speed up for harder materials with carbide tooling.
The Shark FinTM and DefenderTM ring guards mount cleanly to the clamshell mitigating the pinch points between the rotating slides and motor mount.
Adjustable Shark FinTM can adjust to the tripper position at any angle and requires no tools for setup eliminating pinch points between the rotating slides and tripper post.
Distractions, improper usage, insufficient experience, deviation from best practices, or adverse chance events in the work environment can lead to worker injuries. To further mitigate against these hazards, the DefenderTM Protection System safeguards operators, creating a much safer work environment for onsite machinists across the globe. Now available for sale or rent! Contact us today for more information.

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