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What is philanthropy?
Philanthropy is voluntary financial giving by an individual or group to support Fresno State.
Giving is done to a program or an interest to promote quality of life.
An act of generosity that promotes longevity of educational access and opportunity for Fresno State students.
Ways to give
GIFTS OF CASH. A gift of cash
is a simple and easy way to give in sup-
port of Continuing and Global Education
programs and often times the most common
form of philanthropic giving. Any size gift, big
or small, can make an impact on a student’s
life. Cash gifts from our Passport Place have
supported Fresno State students studying
abroad in over 60 countries. Members of our
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute often find that
giving a gift to support OLLI is a rewarding way
to sustain the program for many years to come.
The Shields Family Study Abroad Endowment
Fund will leave a legacy of helping low-income
students experience and appreciate international
travel while learning a foreign language. This fund has
already sent many Fresno State students on full ride study abroad grants to locations all over the world. The generosity of John and Liz Shields will continue to impact Fresno State students studying abroad and will forever grant opportunities for low-income students to have access to new cultural experiences.
GIFTS OF STOCK OR SECURITIES. Gifts of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have matured in value are a creative way to give to sup- port Fresno State and are tax deductible. They are easily processed by the university and are applicable to any educational program. The Muhareb Family utilized this way of giving to support The Muhareb Family Grant, a grant established to support inbound international students studying at Fresno State. Fresno State alumni Michael and Brittany Muhareb started The Muhareb Family Grant as a “door opener” for international students who are wishing to pursue the American Dream by way of their educa- tion at Fresno State.
hy give?
All gifts, no matter the size, demonstrate a community willing to invest in Fresno State’s mission to boldy educate and empower students for success.
Nearly 70% of students are the
first generation in their families to graduate from college, changing the trajectory of their families’ future.
The Division of Continuing and Global Education provides educational opportunities to a wide array
of audiences that would not be otherwise served by the institution.
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