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Back-to-School Guide - 2                                                     Pine-Richland School District

I-S                                                                                  P-Q

             I                                                                         Parking Information & Guidelines
                                                                                       Photographs (Notifying School)
                  Illnesses                                                            Program of Studies
                  Immunizations                                                        Policies
                  Information (Student, Staff & District News)                         PRTV Live & On Demand
                  Integrated Pest Management Program                                   PSSA Information
                  Interfaith Calendar
                  Insurance (Voluntary Accident Insurance)                           R
                  Internet/Email Concerns (Families without Service)
                                                                                       Report Cards Online (Home Access Center)
             J-K                                                                       Report Card Initiative (K-6)
                                                                                       Right to Know
                  Keystone Exams                                                       Rapid Call

             L                                                                       S

                  Logo & Mascot Usage                                                  School Board, Directors, Meetings & Policies
                                                                                       School Buildings & School of Attendance
             M                                                                         School Hours
                                                                                       School Safety
                  Meal Account Payment System, Prices & Menus                          Searches (Updated Policy)
                  Meal App & New Menu Choices                                          Suicide Awareness Policy
                  Mission, Vision & Belief Statements (Strategic Plan)                 Smoke-Free Campus
                  Military & College Recruiting Information                            Special Education & Annual Public Notices
                                                                                       Sports Schedules
             N-O                                                                       Staff Directory (Choose Staff Directory Icon)
                                                                                       Star 360 Assessment
                  Naviance (College/Career/Scholarship, Parent & Student Guides)       Strategic Planning
                  Nondiscrimination Policies                                           Student Interviews & Photos
                  Online Curriculum
                  Online Textbooks
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