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Terms and Conditions
Def inition of customer
A commercial enterprise having regular posted business hours. A city or county issued sales licence and a state tax certificate to operate as a retailer, wholesaler. Merchandise purchased must be used for resale.
No Minimum
Normal Shipping
From 2- 4 weeks. All orders are FOB from Dallas, Texas. All orders will be shipped Fed Ex. Charges are the responsibility of the purchaser and cannot be differed by a refusal to accept delivery. The purchaser is responsible for any redelivery or storage charges
all accounts are pre-paid with check or CC.
Damaged Goods
Notify T&C Floral Company immediately of any damages received. We will file a claim and will issue a call tag. Damaged merchandise must remain in its original cartoon for return.
Items can be returned with proper authorization within 5 days of receiving the merchandise. Merchandise must be repacked in original boxes with the original packing. There will be a 20% restocking fee.
If merchandise is returned damaged, the purchaser will forfeit reimbursement.
Prices are subject to change without notice. (214) 747-6682
10939 Shady Trail #400, Dallas, TX 75229
 2021 #SimplyBeautiful
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