Page 19 - Autumn Brilliance - We Wish You A Scary Christmas! Winter 2020
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   “Stella Daahling” is simply a
Glamazon out doing a little holiday shopping with her huge spiders in tow. Overdressed and over spending, ‘tis the season.
I make peculiar characters that are inspired by folklore, fairy tales, nature and the metaphysical.
The more macabre, the better, so that’s where Halloween holds a special spot in my art heart.
 Creating movement in my work and including as many objects of the story in one piece help complete the story.
The story is represented through facial expression, the texture and color of their skin, hair and clothing. They may be holding objects or be surrounded by crystals that help pull the story together.
I also create hand- painted canvas floor cloths and table runners. I find it’s another great way to bring art into a home. A piece of art you can truly live on.

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