Page 20 - Autumn Brilliance - We Wish You A Scary Christmas! Winter 2020
P. 20

  I’m so happy that I was given permission to create a little twist with Christmas.
I had a few ideas and set aside the time to see them through.
Halloween represents all things that are just a little bit off, not the norm. That’s what I like. Being different and having my own take on a story helps me come up with the image in my mind of the next Peculiar Character.
Halloween is a magical time where everyone tunes into their creative self and surrenders to the magic and fun. As a Halloween artist, I can tap into that at any time during any season by twisting the story or characters.
“Headless Horseman” happens to be an old- time favorite of mine, specifically the Sleepy Hollow edition by Washington Irving. My version of the headless horseman takes the heads of snowmen and leaves a trail of snowman accessories along the way.

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