Page 62 - Autumn Brilliance - We Wish You A Scary Christmas! Winter 2020
P. 62

    Two vintage Krampus cards (early 20th century) On the right features a feminine version!
Krampus and the Perchten
Germanic history is rich with the pre-Christian lore of Krampus, a hairy, horned goat-like man with cloven hooves, usually portrayed with a long, lascivious tongue, and often adorned with chains and large, age-oxidized bells.
Krampus travels the land during the holiday season with his more popular and kindly cohort, St. Nikolaus. We all know that good little children get gifts from St. Nick but what about those kids who failed to mind their P’s and Q’s? Well, that’s the job of Krampus. He soundly whips them with his switch, and if they have been especially naughty, into the basket they go, where he takes them away for whatever heinous punishment awaits them down below...!

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