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WRC Compliance with Statutory Employment Rights Entitlements

               All employers must be compliant under the following employment rights

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               Workplace Relations Act, 2015                                                  

               National Minimum Wage Act, 2000                                                

               Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997                                         

               Protection of Young Persons Act, 1996                                          

               Payment of Wages Act, 1991                                                     

               Employment Permit Acts, 2003-2014                                              

               Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2018

               Industrial Relations Acts, 1946-2012                                           

               List of records in respect of all persons employed in all of your business dating back two
               full complete years and copy records available on request at inspection stage.

               Employee Register fully completed before agreed inspection date to include, Name,
               Address, DOB, PPS No., Job Description/Title, Nationality, Non-EEA Nationals to include
               Employment permit Y/N, Start Date, Finish Date, Gross Weekly Pay, Total Weekly Hours
               & Gross Hourly Rate of Pay.

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               Employer’s registration number with the Revenue Commissioners                  

               Listing of ALL employees, full names, address & PPS numbers                    

               Dates of commencement and if relevant, dates of termination                    

               Written terms of employment for each employee                                  

               Employee’s job classification                                                  

               A record of annual leave & public holidays taken by each employee              
               Record of ‘hours of work’ for each employee (including start & finish times)
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