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Preparing Your Organisation and Volunteer Program4
Local Voluntary Organisations are community-based organisations and and have been for the the past weeks responding to COVID-19 and and and following directions by the the Public Health Authorities During this transition period and and and in in in in view of of a a a a a a a a a a a a second wave organisations are evaluating on on on on on on on the the the the the effects of of the the the the the pandemic on on on on on their operation and and and the the the the the virus’ impact on on on on on the the the the the community and and and preparing to to to return to to to “normality” At this stage Volunteer Administrators and and Managers of Voluntary Organisations need to to start planning planning ahead for for recovery recovery By planning planning for for recovery recovery one one can help one’s organisation build resilience and and empower stakeholders and and community members to take take actions that improve long-term sustainability Managing the Situation
COVID-19 is is a a a a a a a a a a a a situation situation that no no one anticipated and thus no no organisation was prepared of of the the the resulting situation situation But like any any other calamity of of of such proportion there are are four basic steps any any organisation should take in in case of of a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a natural natural disaster disaster In fact in in natural natural disasters one typically plans for the Disaster Management Cycle which consists of of four phases of of disaster disaster management: Mitigation Preparedness Response and Recovery While the first two could not have been addressed addressed by Voluntary Organisations together we addressed addressed the the the the response phase phase Now comes the the the the crucial phase of them all Recovery The goal of of recovery recovery is to to return to to pre-pandemic operations Much of of recovery recovery planning planning involves planning planning for the the future Whether your your VO is currently operating at at at full capacity or or or only with critical assets or or or not at at at all your your volunteer program can benefit by planning for the transition from response to to recovery Here are five (5) steps Volunteer Administrators and and Managers can take to to plan for recovery and and help mitigate the future impacts of disaster:
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Guidelines for Voluntary Organisations re-COVID-19

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