Page 13 - Guidelines for VOs re-COVID 19 - Awwissu 2020
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2 Plan for Financial Recovery
COVID-19 COVID-19 has caused major concerns about the the the the economic impact of of COVID-19 COVID-19 on on on on on on voluntary and non- profit organisations across the the the the country While responding to to to the the the the crisis in in real time is is is is is necessary the the the the core mission and services are still as as critical as as ever So what steps can you take today to to to help recover financially?
a a a a Gather Materials
Consider the the financial resources specific to to your program that you you you you will need for for for recovery Will Will you you you you apply for for for local emergency funding? Will Will you you you you file an an an an an an insurance claim? One of the the the most important ways to to to plan for for for recovery is to gather financial materials now • Gather program expense reports • Track volunteer hours and impact • If you plan to to rehire furloughed staff gather salary and and and benefits information • Continue to to log all incoming funds and expenses b Calculate Cash Flow
Especially in in times of crisis it is is is is is important to understand how how much much cash cash your organisation organisation has on on on on hand and and and how how much much you you will likely have have in in the future Your organisation organisation should have have an an an an an an an an an an accurate cash cash cash flow flow projection to to predict when cash cash cash cash flow flow flow shortages may occur and and and and to to make important decisions about expenses and and and and financing options The cash cash cash flow flow projection considers cash cash cash on on on on on hand expected revenue and and and and projected expenses c c Research Funding Options
You may have have to to to to work with other organisation organisation members to to to to put together funding for for your volunteer organisation organisation organisation Remember one one does not have have to to to to go it it it it it alone Local and and and EU funds are available for for for non-profit organisations and and and small businesses For more information visit the the MCVS website website www maltacvs org org org and and and the the Malta Enterpise website https://covid19 maltaenterprise com 3 Re-engage Partners and Volunteers
Once COVID-19 safety measures are lifted your volunteers will look for guidance in in in in regards to to to to how to to to to get involved again Many VOs have adapted new new engagement strategies to to to to adhere to to to to social distancing regulations like expanding phone lines instituting a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a newsletter or or posting virtual volunteer volunteer opportunities Consider which volunteer volunteer engagement engagement engagement strategies were successful will you you continue to apply these engagement engagement engagement methods throughout recovery? Even now consider revisiting your your engagement engagement engagement strategy Develop post-crisis messaging to your your supporters and make a a a a a a a a a plan for how you you you will communicate with Guidelines for Voluntary Organisations re-COVID-19

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