Page 17 - Guidelines for VOs re-COVID 19 - Awwissu 2020
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Part 03
General Principles – The Way Forward
Now that VOs are looking towards the way forward a a a a a a a a a a a a gradual steady but most importantly safe recovery we must coordinate the the the re-opening of of of our operation Mandatory Conditions are issued under the the the Public Health Act Chapter 465 of of of the the the Laws of of of Malta and and related Legal Notices and and require strict adherence by by all While failure to to adhere adhere to to these these conditions will result in enforcement procedures as provided by by these these Act it it may cause the the the return to closure of the the the VO operation Social (physical) Distancing and Hygiene
Social(physical) distancing aims to reduce physical physical contact between between potentially infected people people and and healthy people people or between between population groups with with high rates of of of transmission transmission and and others with with low or or no level of of of of transmission transmission The objective of of of of this is is to decrease or or interrupt the the spread of of COVID-19 It is is possible that social (physical) distancing measures will have to be implemented over an an an extended period and their success depends partially on on ensuring that people maintain social contact – – from a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a distance – – with friends family and and colleagues Internet-based communications and and the the phone are therefore key tools for for ensuring a a a a a a a a successful physical distancing strategy Limiting face‐to‐face contact with others is is is the the the the best way to to reduce the the the the spread of of COVID‐19 Social distancing is is is is one of of the the the the best tools to to avoid exposure This This means keeping space between oneself and other people outside of the the home This This document outlines general hygiene principles which VOs should adhere to as as as as as well as as as as as the the proper use of of of a a a a a a a a a a a a facemask It also summarises what to to do in the the case case of of of symptoms or suspected cases of of of COVID‐19 Entry to VO Premises
Voluntary Organisations premises should only permit entry to authorised persons It is is is is recommended that members and volunteers should ideally pre‐book/inform of of their attendance to to the the the the VO VO premises premises either via telephone telephone or or online A log of of attendance to to the the the VO VO premises premises indicating name telephone telephone Guidelines for Voluntary Organisations re-COVID-19

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