Page 29 - Guidelines for VOs re-COVID 19 - Awwissu 2020
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Guidelines for Voluntary Organisations re-COVID-19
14 All clients must bring their own personal towel(s) 15 Keep a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a list and and contact contact details (name and and contact contact number) of all people accessing the the gym
premises for 28 days (including trainers clients suppliers maintenance cleaners) For detailed information in in in relation to to this area go go to:
https://deputyprimeminister gov mt/en/health-promotion/covid-19/Documents/mitigation-conditions- and-guidances/Obligatory_Conditions_And_Guidelines_For_Gymnasiums_And_Fitness_Centres pdf
3 Mandatory conditions to to be observed by Bars Clubs and and Similar Establishments10
1 Bars are allowed to to to to to open as as as long as as as they offer food and drink This has to to to to to be done in in in in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a seated layout adhering to to to to to the the protocols issued for restaurants with with regards to to to to to space social distancing and and on on a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a sit-down table table basis only with with orders taken at table table 2 Distancing and and and protocols as as issued issued for restaurants issued issued by Public Health Authority Authority and and and Malta Tourism Authority 3 Customer orders of of food and drinks at the bar are not allowed Orders must be table table table service only 4 Sit down tables tables of of up to to 6 persons per per table table table 5 Distance between tables tables must be be kept at a a a a a a a a a minimum of of 2 metres metres in in in in all all directions directions outdoors and 3 metres in in all directions indoors 6 All staff to wear mask or or or or visor at at all all times 7 Place floor stickers and and signage that provide guidance for social distancing 8 Hand sanitizers sanitizers must be made available at at the entrance (sanitizers with sensors are recommended) 9
Acrylic or or or tempered glass barriers must be fitted around the the the reception area bar bar counter and and and DJ or or or the the singers/band stand (2 metres from the the floor) 10
Only low volume music such that does not cause customers to to to talk loudly or or lean towards each
other 11 Shared finger nibbles prohibited (e g g crisps olives peanuts dips etc ) unless each
customer can
be provided with with their own separate portion 12 Pitchers with with multiple straws are not allowed 10
https://deputyprimeminister gov mt/en/health-promotion/covid-19/Documents/mitigation-conditions-and-guidances/ Conditions%20and%20guidelines_Bars -clubs -similar-establishments_05Jun20 pdf

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