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  20th District
  12th District
  6th District
     12th District officers, in partnership with the Domestic Violence Subcommittee, participat- ed in the second annual ribbon-tying event on Oct. 6 to bring awareness and help end the cy- cle of abuse. Officers also marched along Taylor Street for the Domestic Violence Walk. Officers also partnered with Panderia Del Refugio on Oct. 2, baking purple conchas for the commu- nity.
6th District officers marched with the commu- nity on Oct. 16. Members of the community, many holding signs with handwritten messag- es and purple balloons, received resources and a chance to help others find their voice.
20th District officers and community partners collected toiletries and a variety of other items to support Connections for Abused Women and Their Children, Chicago’s oldest domestic violence organization that provides shelter, counseling and a 24-hour hotline for victims of violence. The district accepted donations in the lobby but also welcomed community mem- bers, like students from St. Benedict Prep, who provided items and wrote letters that were in- cluded in gift bags.

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