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   Willie Wilson praised Lodge 7 members and Chicago firefighters for their continuous dedication to the job and disbursed $21,000 to members who attended the presentation.
condition as an exemption. His refusal to complete the portal is the first direct order he has declined in 18 years on the job.
“I’m a rule follower, and the conflict here is that the rules are arbitrary,” Murray explained. “They should have to bargain this at the very least. And that’s why the union is fighting so hard and why a lot of officers are standing up for it.”
These members are standing up for the rights that have been negotiated in their contracts. They are standing up so that offi- cers are not coerced or steamrolled into complying to a man- date that is essentially illegal. And the fight is still going and growing.
To help with the fight, members are keeping the Hold the Line Hero’s Fund alive and kicking. The Lodge asked every ac- tive member to support the cause with a $100 donation. It also prominently displays the fund, which currently stands at nearly
At the December General Members Meeting, Chicago Police Officer Milan Sipic makes a motion that Lodge 7 contribute $50,000 from the general membership fund into the Hold the Line Hero’s Fund, which collects dona- tions for officers who are in no-pay status.
$250,000, on the Lodge 7 landing page. Users can click on the link to make contributions.
Scrolling through the page, comments come up from sup- porters and advocates, including messages of support like this one from Chicago Police Officer Marcel Burke:
“Fellow PO give thanks to PO’s that held the line and went into no pay status against this B.S. vaccine mandate. We should have a choice!”
The fund has garnered support from officers who are not a part of Lodge 7, as well. Tim Bickham donated $240 on behalf of 009 Third Watch sergeants and urged members to hold the line. Illinois FOP President Chris Southwood contributed $100 while declaring his admiration for heroes with the message

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