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   Effi Keske always stays at the district until the last officer finishes enjoying their meal.
one volume, and it’s 11 [out of 10].”
Since their first encounter, Garrido has had an insatiable need
for Keske’s food, like her fall-off-the-bone ribs, tubs of peas and spinach pie filled with feta cheese. Not only did he stuff his face with her divine dishes, but her infectious laugh provided a ray of light that no officer could resist.
“She feeds our soul,” he admitted. “She’s like human Prozac, she’s just so calming for us. Even the most hardened police offi- cers, the grumpiest of the grumpy, they’ll smile.”
Keske’s natural ability to put a smile on the grouchiest of fac- es, combined with her exceptional culinary concoctions, makes her everyone’s favorite visitor.
“We love her to death,” Garrido exclaimed. “And she’s up- lifting. She is such a good person that the officers love being around her.”
Keske provides her mouthwatering foods, including Greek salad, chicken, turkey, ham and Italian sausage, completely free of charge. She is so insistent on covering all expenses that after officers’ many failed attempts at trying to provide reimburse- ment, she threatened to stop cooking altogether.
“I don’t let them spend a penny,” Keske revealed. “The food, plates, forks, knives, not a penny. Everything is mine.”
Since Keske is adamant about not receiving any form of pay- ment in return for her meals, Garrido and officers in 016 try to express their appreciation through flowers and exclusive invita- tions to their Christmas parties. When her air conditioner went out, Garrido went out to buy her a new one.
“We try to give back to her any way we can,” he explained. “But she just really is doing this out of the goodness of her heart and doesn’t want anything for it.”
Wanting to give Keske the recognition she deserves, Garrido invited a Channel 7 news crew to the district in 2015 to film a story and sample her delectability. When she had the chance to appear on television, she declared she would not rest from cooking for officers until she was “put in the grave.”
“She’s not looking for [recognition], but people should know [about her],” Garrido remarked. “It reminds people that there’s good people in the world.”
Keske, who is not on Facebook, does not see any of Garrido’s posts that praise her cooking. His posts always garner much at- tention, with a flurry of compliments. Many officers from the West Side and the South Side have commented “Must be nice,” apparently expressing their envy of officers in 016 who are con- sistently graced with her presence.
“We just tell them that we are the ambassadors for our fellow officers,” Garrido quipped. “And we are there to accept and en- joy it on their behalf.”
Effi Keske sets up a table with a spread of traditional dishes in aluminum trays.
to officers everywhere, from Chicago to the rest of the world, that there are people who care about law enforcement.
“So they don’t think, ‘All people hate the police,’” Garrido em- phasized.
Showing officers that they are loved is exactly why Keske hap- pily wakes up in the dead of night to cook for more than eight hours at a time. And when she’s not cooking for specific shifts or districts, she invites officers into her home for lunch and dinner.
Keske cooks because she cares. She does so because she be- lieves every officer could use a home-cooked meal and feeling loved.
“They deserve it,” Keske declared. “I don’t care if you are in New York or you are in Timbuktu, I support 100 percent every police officer in uniform.”
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     All jokes aside, Garrido said that Keske’s cooking is a reminder

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