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 In Memoriam
Joey often found himself squeezing his long legs into amusement-park kiddie rides beside his son Joseph, who would beam from ear to ear. On other days, he coached his daughter Ariel’s softball team. It was a passion he had passed down to her and, undoubtedly, she will soon surpass his skills. His lighthearted spirit and huge heart that warmed every room he walked into will continue to live on through them.
Jose “Joey” Huerta was also always a fighter. From playing baseball to working the midnight shifts and on a tac team as a Chicago Police Officer, he was deter- mined and willing to fight, even up until his last moments before his passing away on Dec. 23, 2021 at 50 years old from complications due to COVID-19.
Joey leaves behind his wife Liz, daugh- ter Ariel and son Joseph and a great many Chicago Police Officers who loved and worked with him.
He joined the Department in 2000 and most recently worked in the Gang Inves- tigations Division. His dedication to the job resulted in 117 awards, including a Joint Operations Award for his work in a 2017 homicide case. But his love for the job was only a small part of what those who knew him will remember about Joey.
Officer Henry Delvalle, who had known Huerta for more than 30 years and grew up with him and his brother Paul, recalled Joey as a genuine person filled with kindness, generosity and de- termination to go above and beyond.
“There’s no one that can say anything bad about Joey,” Delvalle says. “The only thing you could probably say bad was he was just so generous. So, if you can call that a problem, I don’t know what to tell you. He was a great guy.”
Huerta and Delvalle were partners on the midnight shift for a year and always had something to talk about: baseball. They shared their love for the Chicago Cubs and their love for playing the game. When Delvalle organized and coached a baseball team for the Department, Huer- ta gladly joined, and they played togeth-
er for six years. They also played for the CPD Finest team.
Delvalle recalled how Huerta always brought his fire and competitive spirit to the game he deeply loved. Conversations about baseball often fueled a connection that made their partnership so valuable for the Department.
“Working with him was a blast because we had a lot in common, and it’s kind of hard to find partners like that,” Delvalle says. “Every night, knowing that I had a partner like that, I knew that I was safe, and he had my back and I had his.”
Huerta always exhibited selfless char- acter as he found ways to help others and lift their spirits.
“He’s one of those funny guys that when you’re down, he’ll bring you up,” Delvalle says.
He knew that side of Huerta well from when he helped Delvalle through a tough divorce. Huerta was there to tell him not to give up and that there’s something bet- ter out there for him. It was a time when Huerta kept him going when he thought there was nothing better in life.
“That’s the kind of person Joey was,” Delvalle says. “It was never about Joey; it was about helping others.”
Huerta’s kindness and lovable person- ality made him stand out from the crowd and will always be remembered by those
Jose “Joey” Huerta loved playing for the CPD Fin- est team. He passed down his love for the sport to his daughter Ariel.
‘Hard to find partners like that’
   Jose “Joey” Huerta
 Chicago Police Officer
End of Watch: Dec. 23, 2021
 Joey Huerta loved spending time with his wife Liz and children Ariel and Joseph.
who loved and knew him.
“The guy would give you his shirt off
his back,” Delvalle adds. “That’s the legacy he’s going to leave behind. It’s something I will always treasure. I was so blessed to work with him. And that’s what I’ll never forget.”

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