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Recording Secretary’s Report
A win for members on the sergeant’s exam
 At the end of December, I filed a Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) complaint against the City. That complaint had to be refiled by a member who was directly affected by the inability to take the sergeant’s promotional exam due to military service obligations.
I was pleased and thankful to announce at the Jan- uary general meeting that we were able to help Lodge 7 military committee member Matt Beesley, a military member who was directly affected by the City’s fail- ure to provide a timely makeup sergeant promotional
exam. Matt filed the proper complaint paperwork with USERRA. I am also pleased to announce that the City put in writing that when both parts of the makeup exam are taken and graded, those who score well and are eligible for promotion will be backdated to the seniority date and back-paid if the City does decide to promote be- fore completion of both makeup tests — thus making our members whole.
This is a win for military members who have been unable to complete the sergeant promotional process. I thank Matt for his service and courage in standing up for what is right.
Retirements, resignations and transfers
I know I have brought up the retirement numbers before at the general meetings. In 2021, a total of 1,029 left the Department by way of retirement, resignation or transfer. This is a staggering number and one that will continue to increase. In just the first two months of 2022, there will be approximately 320 retirements. This is a devastating number. I know we only had about 300 recruits en-
ter the academy in 2021. So far this year, I believe the number of recruits who have entered the academy is under 50. The last few years averaged about 650 or more retirements. This year could see even more retirements. A large wave of officers, mostly younger, are leaving CPD for smaller departments in and out of the state. The attrition rate here will continue this downward trend. Hence, the return of VRI.
Time off with loved ones
As a husband and a father of three teenagers and one young adult, nothing brings me more joy than spending time with my family. I like to take them on road trips when possible. We love the scenery of our country.
When we are not eating delicious food, we enjoy playing card and board games as a family. I usually win (LOL). This brings me to the point of taking the necessary time to recharge your own batter- ies and to get away from the daily grind of police work.
Remember that your identity is not being the police. We often forget this because of the very nature of our profession. You are a sister, brother, mother, father, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, grandpa, grandma, friend, dog/cat parent and many other wonderful things. Enjoy your hobbies; don’t just talk about doing them. In the world of social media, 24-hour news cycles and extended and prolonged COVID restrictions, put the phone down and take some time to relax. Enjoy the peace and calm that does exist. You’ll be thanking yourself later for the rest you got.
We will continue to keep fighting to ensure that our members get the best they deserve.
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