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10th District officers committed to helping their community
Residents of the 10th District gathered in excitement on Jan. 20 as officers pro- vided seven pallets of fresh fruits and vegetables for the community, as they have been doing for almost two years in partnership with a nonprofit called MEC.
Officer Dave Vasquez reflected on the ways the event has grown significantly since November 2020, when the district first partnered with the nonprofit organi- zation. They began with once-a-month distributions, and as more donations be- gan pouring in, they began hosting give- aways every other week, usually with a dozen pallets of food.
Vasquez knows firsthand the deep gratitude and appreciation that residents of the community have expressed to him and the other officers.
“The people walking by let us know how appreciative they are of us being there,” Vasquez remarked. “And they understand our jobs are difficult at this time. And they let us know that they sup-
port us.”
But the greatest part is how quickly
Vasquez has seen it become a commu- nitywide effort.
“The community engages with us will-
fully and happily,” Vasquez explained. “And at times, some of the people that are regulars in the street and some of the people who are homeless that walk by, jump in and join. So, it becomes a com-
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