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munity event in a sense. And that shows that we work hand in hand.”
These food giveaway events are a great way for the community to come togeth- er and for officers to continue building long-standing relationships.
10th District officers go above and be- yond for their community in other ways, too.
Vasquez recounted how they look for wherever there is a need and do all they can to fill in the gaps, whether that’s handing out food, donating toys or pro- viding in other ways.
On Jan. 19, officers donated more than 50 boxes of toys for children at a local day care center. They were greeted with cheers and children beaming ear to ear.
“We try to let people know that our job goes a lot further than just arrest in the street,” Vasquez commented.
And for the past eight years, as part of its victim advocacy program, the 10th District has partnered with World Vision to help bring donations to families who are affected by gun violence.
“We try to advocate on behalf of the victims,” Vasquez explained. “A lot of times, they don't have support, or their support system may not be easily acces- sible.”
On Jan. 12 and Jan. 25, Vasquez and
a group of other officers provided new couches for two families. During their time together, he reassured them the of- ficers would be there if the families need- ed additional resources or assistance of any kind.
Both families embraced the officers with tears of joy.
“Most of the time, our reaction is, ‘Thank you. We appreciate you so much. We support you and we pray for you.
We're thankful that you're here in our lives.’ And the reaction when they're receiving something is even greater,” Vasquez added.
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