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Daring Duality
Fashion’s long-standing love affair with leather and lace is revitalized for Spring 2024, with unexpected pairings creating a narrative that beautifully clashes with bold silhouettes.
By Shelby Kniazeff
Clockwise from bottom left: M57103-0024 Glamour Double Date ($5,700) by Tudor; Lace Top ($265) by Fleur du Mal; Bellflower Jeans ($218) by GUESS; Signoria Slingback Heel ($1,42) by Gucci; Flip Bag ($2,350) by FENDI; Belt ($995) by Miu Miu; Ruffle Lace Dress ($970) by Coach; Two-Tone Oversized Jacket ($7,850) by Louis Vuitton; Slouched Leather Knee Boots ($490) by COS.
Coach Spring/Summer 2024: photo courtesy of Coach.

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