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Metal Standard
Emerging from their industrial origins, metallic accents are
now at the forefront of design, infusing strength, durability, and a spectrum of polished finishes while effortlessly elevating
each room in the home.
By Shelby Kniazeff
From top left clockwise: Nanogram Speaker ($2,960) by Louis Vuitton, Triangolo Chair ($1,520) by Frama, Bulbul Kettle ($298) by Alessi, w223 Pawson Lamp ($995) by John Pawson, Mjölk, Fun Guy Floor Lamp ($2,120) by Frangere Studio, Melt Coffee Table (10,523) by Bower Studios, Cobra Candleholders ($200) by Georg Jensen, Drab Hanger ($1,452) by Zieta.
         Photo courtesy of FRAMA.

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