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 Sandy Liang
Sandy Liang debuted her first bridal capsule collection in 2022, seamlessly entering the bridal sphere following the designer’s engagement announcement. Intentionally positioning the label
to reflect her life, the New York City-based brand follows Liang’s memories and milestones backdropped against the Manhattan skyline. Growing up in Bayside, Queens, Liang notoriously pulls inspiration from the layers of her childhood; whether it’s playful silk bows and Polly pockets or a renaissance painting at the MET, all facets of nostalgia come into place to support Liang’s creative vision. Harmoniously, an underlying layer of humour is present across her work, with a still from Will & Grace and Caravaggio on her mood board—nodding to the lax and playful approach that seeps through all her garments.
Adding that downtown flair to the bridal fashion scene, her debut bridal collection included gowns and veil offerings catering to the alternative bride. In September, Sandy Liang showcased her Spring 2024 collection, which offered insight into contemporary bridal possibilities that aligned bridal attire with everyday wardrobe choices. A contradicting veil and miniskirt combo jets the runway with an exaggerated signature silk bow to tie the look together and offer chic “off-duty” bride synergies. With each piece created by the designer, Sandy Liang redefines the uniform for the downtown princess.
Sandy Liang: photo courtesy of Sandy Liang.

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