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 There’s a big difference between rebuilt or reconditioned compressor and our remanufactured products. Rebuilt compressors may consist of used components from other similar compressors, resulting in possible uneven wear and ultimately premature failure. Whereas our remanufacturing process demands a complete tear down of every returned compressor.
In our leak test station a compressor is submerged into a specialized water tank fitted with lighting. Each compressor is then filled with dry nitrogen to the maximum working pressure (MWP) and inspected for bubbles, which indicates a leak. Leaks can come from o-ring glands and gasket surfaces, but even porosity in the casting can be found with underwater testing.
From the leak test tank, the compressor proceeds to our air-run test station. The compressor is mounted to a table and piped for suction and discharge readings and electrically tested. During this process, pressure, temperature, oil flow and power consumption are tested and recorded. A report is generated and documentation is kept on file at the manufacturing plant.
Each compressor goes through a two step leak checking process. The second step consists of the compressor being pulled down into a deep vacuum and held in the vacuum for a stated amount of time. Compressors that fail to go into a deep vacuum, or rise above the acceptable threshold are sent back for rework. Once the compressor has passed testing, it is filled with 5 psi of dry nitrogen to ensure that no moisture re-enters the compressor.
After testing, each compressor is painted in our paint booth in one of two colors, black or York® Caribbean Blue.
Once the paint is dry, the compressor is bolted to a shipping skid. Skids are reinforced with metal runners to ensure that the heavy compressors do not come loose or break during transportation. Skids are affixed to the compressor prior to storage to expedite the shipping process.
At this final stage labels have been installed, documentation has been affixed to the compressor, motor leads have been protected and the machine has been banded and wrapped for shipment.

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