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Another important advantage of nuclear power is that we are now better at technology. What this means is that we have already developed all the necessary technology for nuclear power generation. So there is no need to do any further research or invest for it as all the necessary technology to generate this kind of energy is already widely available. The final important advantage of nuclear power is that just one single nuclear plant can generate high quantities of electrical energy. So, at least, in terms of space, there are advantages of generating nuclear power.
What Are The Cons of Nuclear Energy?
Nuclear Energy Cons:
● Environmental impact of radioactive waste
● Requires mining and refining uranium and transporting it to plant
● Radioactive waste disposal
● Potential for deadly and costly nuclear disasters
● High initial cost to develop nuclear plant
● Limited by availability of uranium
● Can be precursor to nuclear weapons
The main con is what to do with  radioactive w  aste. The problem is that the generation of nuclear energy creates highly dangerous radioactive waste. Radioactive waste needs to be kept in a safe place for many thousands of years after it has been produced.
Theissueofnuclearwastecannotbeu  nderestimated .Radioactivewastecan lethal  for human beings and any other life forms. They cannot be disposed of safely but they need to be watched over and kept somewhere safe enough so it does not affect the environment.
A related issue is that increasing radioactive waste could be used to create new lethal nuclear weapons. This is the flipside of this widely available technology. Why? Because the same technology that is used to generate energy in a nuclear plant can also be used to create nuclear weapons.
But this is not the only security consideration that needs to be made. Nuclear energy is potentially dangerous. This is why nuclear plants are built with the
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