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Simply weave rope around cleat arms, no knots needed. Great for fender lines, trailer covers and utility lines.
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.	A	B	C	D	Fastener
420-43540	043540-1	3-1/2"	15/16"	1-15/16" 1-3/4"	1/4" FH Injection Molded Nylon-Fits lines up to 3/8"
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A no tie, no knot, rope cleat that will secure any rope or line, up to 3/8 in. diameter with no knots, is just what is needed for a variety of purposes ranging from boats and docks to trucks and trailers. You can use the Rope Cleat to secure just about any object up to 200 lbs with no knots. The 3 in. design is available in heavy duty nylon, die cast chrome or die cast zinc for years of trouble free use.
The Rope Cleat “It’s a Cinch”.
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Attractive and Functional with Powerful Solar Charging Performance & Mooring Strength
Std. Pk.
Black Nylon - 2 Pk.
ORDER NO. 934-03810
Mfr. No. 55-8100
Die Cast Chrome Plated - 2 Pk.
ORDER NO. 934-03820
Mfr. No. 55-8200
Die Cast Zinc Plated - 2 Pk.
ORDER NO. 935-58400
Mfr. No. 55-8400
ORDER NO. 440-96288
Mfr. No. 96-288-F
• Cast Aluminum Alloy Chassis • Wide, Sturdy Base footprint • 5 Super Bright white LEDs for side / base
illumination (18000 milli Candela each) • Polycarbonate side lenses • Epoxy Monocrystalline solar panel • Rechargeable,
Replaceable AAA (Ni-Mh) battery • Waterproof to Standard IP65 • Up to 12 hours illumination from a single
charge • Automatic On-At-Dusk • Viewing Distance up to 325 ft.(100m) • Optimal working temperature • Dimensions: W = 10", D = 3.9", H = 3"
–4˚F to +140˚F (-20˚C to +60˚C)
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