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Finally, a dock CLEAT you can take with you. Easy to store and easier to use, this strong, powder coated CLEAT with rope ring fits neatly in between dock timbers and twists 90 degrees to lock in place. Now you can position your lines exactly where you want, to best protect your boat without concern for where existing dock cleats may be located. Keep several aboard at all times.
ORDER NO. 440-75140
Portable Dock Cleat White
This economical, traditional mooring ring has been updated with a white polyester powder coat finish to prevent rusting, keeping your dock lines clean while enhancing the look of your dock. 5 1/4” x 2 5/8” with a 2 1/4” ring. ORDER NO. 440-75120
This economical Tie-Up Cleat is used where strength and basic function is required. It is white polyester powder coated to prevent rusting and keep your dock lines clean while enhancing the look of your dock.
5 1/4” x 5 1/4” Base.
ORDER NO. 440-75130
1200 lb. Capacity (550 Kg) Galvanized Ring Dim: 2” dia. x 5/16” (5 cm x 0,79 cm)
ORDER NO. 440-87110
This strong, yet lightweight, cast aluminum portablecleat features a bright white polyester powder coat finish and stainless steel T-Bar. Install securely in seconds and use whenever cleats are missing or in an inconvenient location. Also provides extra security in rough weather for spring lines. It is also an ideal carry-on for PWC’s, windsurfers, canoes etc. ORDER NO. 440-27050
2000 lb. Capacity (910 Kg) Galvanized Ring Dim: 2” dia. x 1/4” (5 cm x 0,6 cm)
ORDER NO. 440-87109
The EZE Docker is a robust, one piece, spring operated portable mooring ring which simplifies a boaters’ docking problems. If left tied to the end of your mooring lines you will never forget them and when docking, you simply insert between the dock planks, and press down and turn 90 degrees. Within seconds you are securely moored without ever having to leave the boat.
All steel construction, zinc plated and leachate coated for additional protection to adverse weather conditions.
ORDER NO. 440-27010
Knotless Marine Cleat
• Secure and release your marine lines without knots • Maintenance free • Withstands harsh marine conditions • Easily installed in minutes
Note: Bolts not included
ORDER NO. Mfr. No.
440-02715 2715-F
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