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        George Washington                                                              Royal Doulton produced a 9,500-piece limited edition, large, “George Washington/

        Continued from Page 1                                                             George III” character jug in 1986. Today this jug is valued at $135.  The
                                                                                           jug depicts both George Washington and King George III since the two
                                                                                              “Georges” battled for control of America.  This two-sided jug was part
        hostess  parties became  the social  trends.  It was during                            of Doulton’s “The Antagonists Series” and was shaped like a Toby jug.
        this era of social parties and afternoon high teas that the                                 Another two-sided Washington jug to watch for is Majolica’s
        Lenox Washington Tea Set emerged.  Today, this set and                                 “George Washington & Abraham Lincoln” three-handled vase.  This
        any of its fine pieces are considered rare and expensive.                               footed vase is 5 ¼ inch tall and only 6 inches wide.  Today it sells for
             Another Washington teapot, which is more                                              $720.
        affordable yet highly collectible, is the Department 56                                          A Toby jug-shaped mug (shown left) that all collectors desire
        Teatime Legends “Washington” teapot.  Offered in 1990,                                      is a 1939 New York World’s Fair “George Washington” Toby
        like all Department 56 items, this Washington teapot is                                     mug.  Made by Homer Laughlin Company, this white bisque
        ceramic, depicting Washington holding an ax and the sprout                                  Washington mug is only 4 5/8 inches tall, but it is prized as a
        of a tree. Today this teapot costs around $55.                                              cross collectible since all things Washington and World’s Fair
             Washington vases abound, and none are more lovely than                                 are collectible.  It is valued at $62.
        the bulbous Radford jasper “lamp base” vase, with a portrait                                                                     Continued on Page 8
        of Washington on the front and an eagle on the back.  This
        American art pottery is valued at $610.  This vase reminds collectors                   Rare, Washington Tea Set by Lenox,
                                                                                                produced in limited quantities
        of Wedgewood, the English pottery that greatly effected several generations of the      from 1906 –1930.
        Radford family who worked for Wedgewood before traveling to America.  After
        working for Weller Pottery, Albert Radford established A. Radford Pottery Company
        in Clarksburg, WV in 1903.  Unfortunately, Radford died the following year, 1904, at
        the young age of 41.  This vase, like all his work, is made with exceptional detail and
        is highly sought after by serious American “Washington” art pottery collectors.
           Ceramic Washington pitchers have always been collectible.  An 1840 Bennington
        Pottery Washington pitcher with Rockingham glaze depicts Washington’s portrait with
        laurel wreaths on front and back. This 9 ½-inch tall milk pitcher sells for $420 today.

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