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        POPCORN    _________      Continued from Page 1                                               Six cities in the heartland of America claim to be
                                                                                                 “Popcorn Capital of the World.”  These areas are North
                                 Popcorn even revolutionized movie houses.                       Loop, Nebraska; Marin, Ohio; Van Buren, Indiana;
                               During the 1930s popcorn became a popular                         Ridgway, Illinois; Valparaiso, Indiana; and Schaller,
                               snack at movie houses, but theater owners                         Iowa.  The majority of popcorn grown in America comes
                               disliked popcorn because it was so messy.                         from Nebraska and Indiana.
                               However, in 1938, Glen W. Dickson, a                                    There are various techniques for popping corn. Along
                               midwestern theater owner, installed popcorn                       with prepackaged popcorn, which is generally intended
                               machines in the lobbies of all of his theaters.                               to be prepared in a microwave oven, there
                               Dickson soon realized popcorn was a huge                                      are small home appliances for popping corn.
                               financial success, leading other movie houses to                              These methods require the use of minimally
                               follow suit.                                                                  processed popping corn.  The oldest and
                                                                                                             most tried method of popping corn is the
                            Jolly Time corn advertising tin pail, circa 1927.  Manufactured                  old-fashioned way—in a pan of oil.  And
                              by the American Pop Corn Company of Sioux City, Iowa, this
                                          near mint tin is valued at $255.                                   the best recipes for popping corn used to be
                                                                                                             found on the back of a popcorn box or tin.
                                                                                                                  Vintage popcorn containers, boxes and
                                                                                                             tins, have become highly collectible.
                                                                                                                  Nearly everyone has heard of Jolly Time
                                                                                                    Pop Corn.  Cloid H. Smith founded The American
                                                                                                    Pop Corn Company in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1914.

                 Homer Helter’s                                                                     Jolly Time Pop Corn was Smith’s largest and greatest
                                                                                                    line of popcorn.  Originally, Jolly Time Pop Corn sold

                 Antique & MilitAry MAll                                                            in mom and pop stores in tin advertising pails.
                                                                                                                                    Continued on Page 8
                 The Largest Military
                   Store In Florida                                                                 TINS SHOWN TOP TO BOTTOM: With a pop as big as its name,
                                                                                                    T-N-T  Pop Corn, circa  1930s, was manufactured by  T-N-T  Food
                 5510 Shirley St.                                                                   Products of Lawrence, Kansas.  This tin litho can is valued at $120.
                 Naples, FL 34109                                                 CENTER: Hales Midget Pop Corn, circa 1930s, was manufactured by the Hales Milling
                  239-594-9900                                                    Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This tin canister is valued at $100.
                                                                                  BOTTOM:  “Old Faithful” Geiser’s Pop Corn tin metal advertising can.  Made by the Geiser
                 50 AWESOME DEALERS                                               Potato Chip  Company  of Milwaukee,  Wisconsin, this tin held “French Fried” popcorn
                                                                                  kernels and is valued at $225.

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