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Page 2          The Antique Shoppe             February, 2018
                           Scott Atlanta Kicks Off 2018 with Full House

                          By: Thomas O’Hara

                                               Atlanta, Ga.— Don Scott filled his two   this month. His biggest sale was a really
                                             halls, Atlanta Expo Centers, North and   big corner cupboard, American, probably
                                             South with antiques, jewelry, fine art,   Pennsylvania.
                                             early collectibles and homes décor on   Fine early silver and jewelry are the
                                             the four day weekend, January 11-14,   collection from Alderman Ford Antiques.
                                             2018 continuing the unbroken trend of   This Columbia, SC exhibitor, a regular at
                                             great  merchandise offerings filling the   the show offers a large assortment of
                                             3,500 booth spaces the second weekend   both and this month had great fun and
                                             of every month for over 25 years.    success with their sales.
                                             January is also the peak period for the   Damariscotta, Maine exhibitor Nicoll
                                             Market, with the largest audience, and   Fine Art offered Georgian furniture
                                             this month they were buying furniture,   and fine art from the last 200 years.
                                             spurred Don said, by the Atlanta area   J. Hamilton Howard, Edgewater Park,
                                             surge in home building in the last year.   NJ  was showing a signed landscape by
          ↑ Erin Spruill mixes materials from the   The examples of offerings included   Thomas C. Blake.            ↑ St Augustine exhibitor Monica Laetham
         last two centuries for her collection, Niche   Erin Spruill, Niche Market of Georgia   There were antiques for the   found an early New England weathervane
                  Market & sells well.       who mixes antiques with vintage      sportsmen too. Max Hand was among      by E. T. Washburn of a pointer dog
                                             and even some not so old decorative   the many offering sporting gear including
          Easter Hill Antiques brings English and   accessories for the young homeowners.   fishing tackle, hunting accessories and   A sample of the very early Sheffield silver
          New England furniture to the show each   Her collection offered variety at   more.                                offered by Alderman Ford
               month from Sharon, CT.↓       reasonable prices and sold well for the   Scott Antiques Market has the       Antiques, Columbia, SC. ↓
                                             weekend including furniture, accessories   variety! This is just a few examples of the
                                             rugs and art.                        several thousand exhibits on display and
                                                Nearby Easter Hill Antiques, Sharon   for sale at the January show.
                                             CT was selling furniture from the      It happens every month, on the
                                             Eighteenth Century, made in America   second weekend. Coming up it will be
                                             and Europe. A mahogany chest of      February 8-11 and March 8-11. Hours
                                             drawers, probably American sold on the   are opening Thursday 10:45AM, Friday
                                             first day: also a pair of European chairs   and Saturday 9:00AM, closing those
                                             with wonderful inlays on Friday; an   days at 6:00PM and Sunday 10:00AM-
                                             English corner cupboard sold on the last   4:00PM.
                                             day.                                   For more information call and show
                                               Woody Straub, Umatilla, FL also sells   dates call 740-569-2800 or visit the web
                                             early American furniture and did well   at

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