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JANUARY 2021, Volume 34 No. 5                                           Florida’s Best News Source for Vintage-ANTIQUE-Collectibles

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                                                  Fire Engine Decanters

                                                                     Help Put the Fire Out

                                                           By Larry LeMasters, LeMasters’ Antique News Service

                                                                                                        As most of us know, a decanter is a vessel
                                                                                                      that is used to hold the decantation of a liquid,
                                                                                                      most often wine but in the 20th century,
                                                                                                     whiskey became a popular alcoholic beverage
         Exquisite, Jim Beam 1867                                                                    sold in decanters.
         Mississippi fire engine No. 313
         decanter.  This decanter was issued                                                           Decantation is a process that separates a
         in 1978 and is valued at $60.                                                               liquid from a solid, such as a solid mixture in
         This 1930 Model A Ford fire engine was part                                                 suspension. Wine, especially home brewed wine,
         of Jim Beam’s Historic Fire Vehicle Series.
         This decanter once held 750 ml of 80 proof, Kentucky                     is still decanted in this manner since the grape pulp or other solid
         straight bourbon whiskey.                                                mixture that is in suspension in the wine must be allowed to decant
                                                                                  or settled to the bottom so that the good wine may be poured from
                                                                                  the top.  If you’ve ever drunk wine that had pulp floating in it, you
                                                                                  realize how valuable the process of decantation is to good wine.
                                                                                    On the other hand, whiskey does not need decanted. Any
                                                                                  suspended solid is separated from the whiskey long before it is
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          The  Feed  Store  Antique  Mall  has  been  an  Ellenton  destination  for  over  20  years.
          50 Dealers with a Wide Variety of Vintage Decor, Collectibles, Jewelry & Antiques
          Located  ½  mile  from  the  Gamble  Mansion  we  are  a  perfect  stop  for  a  day  trip.
         We  are  just  1  mile  west  from  I-75  at  EXIT  224.  We  have  an  extensive  selection
         of  antiques,  vintage,  and  collectible  items,  which  will  interest  all  visitors.
          We  recently  remodeled  the  store  during  the  COVID  shutdown  and  have
         added  some  great  new  dealers.  Stop  by  soon  for  the  fun  and  bargains.
                                                       FEED STORE
                                                     ANTIQUE MALL
                                                     4407 US Hwy 301 N.
                                                      Ellenton, FL 34222
                                                   Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12-5pm      Vintage, bisque porcelain fire engine decanter (part of the Firefighters Series created by
                                                            Mount Hope Estate & Winery) that is valued at $95.
                                                                                                This was a limited edition (1,500) decanter made in 1983.

                                          Florida’s Largest Monthly Antique Event!

                                                     300                    South Florida Fairgrounds                            JAN.
                                                                                    9067 Southern Blvd.
                                              VENDORS                           West Palm Beach, FL 33411                        1-2-3

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