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          The 30th Annual Florida International Antique Fishing Tackle Show       organization registered in the State of Florida. The purposes of the Club are
           Daytona Beach, FL— “The Florida International” is slated to be held be held   to enhance and promote the collection, preservation and knowledge of old or
        in Daytona Beach, February 26-28, 2021. Join antique tackle collectors from   antique angling memorabilia and the history of tackle produced in Florida and
        around the world for tackle collecting’s second largest show! “Tackle Trading   to assist other groups and organizations with similar goals. In order to enhance
        in Paradise” takes place at the Plaza Resort and Spa, 600 N. Atlantic Avenue,   the knowledge of these subjects, the collection and preservation of examples
        Daytona Beach.                                                            of  fishing  tackle  is  to  be  encouraged  for  the  benefit  of  present  and  future
           Florida  Antique  Tackle  Collectors  sponsors  three  exhibitions  each  year   generations.
        throughout the State of Florida. Club Members bring historical displays from   Anyone who shares an interest in old or antique fishing tackle is encouraged
        their collections of old fishing tackle and also bring old tackle to trade among   to join the FATC. Contact any Club officer or member for additional information.
        themselves. The public is invited to attend.                                For hotel reservations and information call 1-866-500-5630
           Shows  are  open  to  the  public.  Admission  is  $5  for  adults  -  children  are   Don’t forget our famous SATURDAY NIGHT AUCTION!
        admitted for free. Free appraisals are available.                           For  show  information  or  registration  call  386-527-4338  or  email:
           Florida Antique Tackle Collectors, Inc. is a not for profit, member supported

                                                                                                          Fire engine whiskey decanters have been
        Decanters                                                                                      advertised as “ready to put the fires out,” but

        Continued from Page 1                                                                          the fires referred to were, probably, more
                                                                                                       psychological than flaming.
        But cognac and single malt                                                                        Jim Beam’s historic fire engine decanters
        Scotch whiskey have been,                                                                      boast minute details such as hubcaps,
        historically, sold in stoppered                                                                headlamps, and pipes connecting the water
        decanters for centuries, mainly                                                                tank to the steam chamber.  Although primarily
        for advertising purposes. The                                                                  made of ceramic with plastic accessories, these
        main reason to put whiskey in       Beautiful, 1923 Ahrens-Fox fire engine (from Fire Engine Series 1981 F.D.N.Y.   decanters are detailed enough to capture the
        a decanter is for sales appeal           No. 5 Ski Country) decanter that originally held Kentucky straight   imagination of fireman and collectors.
        and style, and the volume found              bourbon whiskey.  This decanter sells for $100 empty.  Fortunately for collectors, Jim Beam
        in a whiskey decanter is often                                                                 decanters are affordable.  Issued in 1981,
        equivalent to a standard bottle of whiskey (many decanters held           Beam’s 1923 Ahrens-Fox fire engine decanter, in empty condition,
        750 ml of 80 proof, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey).                   is valued at $100.  This decanter holds special meaning for some
           A decorative whiskey decanter brings style and “good taste”            American collectors since Ahrens-Fox
        to anyone’s home bar. Clear whiskey decanters also show off               Fire Engine Company was an
        the clarity of the whiskey. But, for the most part, the purchase of       Ohio-based fire engine
        whiskey in a decanter is truly a decorative purchase, which, in           manufacturer.
        the case of collectors becomes the means of a wonderful decanter            Not all Jim Beam fire
                                                           collection for         engine decanters depict
                                                           home, office, or       motorized decanters.
                                                           party den.             One of the company’s
                                                             Decorative           best-looking whiskey        Jim Beam 1982 “Red Fire Engine” whiskey decanter
                                                           decanters, which       decanters was its No.                   that is valued at $50.
                                                           have various           313 decanter, depicting a 1867 Mississippi fire engine.  This
                                                           shapes, sizes, and     decanter was issued in 1978 and, today, is valued at $60.

           1924 Mack Bulldog fire department engine No. 4 empty   designs (teardrop,   To some degree, the popularity of collecting Jim Beam
              ceramic whiskey decanter that is valued at $100.  square, round,    fire engine decanters has waned.  Baby Boomers were the
                                                          large, small,           generation that was known
        crystal, stainless steel, old, and new), have traditionally been made     as “collectors,” and,                  Mooseheart FD Kentucky whiskey
        of both clear and colored glass or crystal. Since the shapes and          today, this generation of             decanter, issued in 1974, that is valued
        sizes are practically endless, collectors look for unusual decanters      collectors is selling off                    at $45.
        or decanters that reflect their hobbies or profession.                    its collections.  But
           One of the most sought after decanter collections is Jim Beam’s        this is actually
        historic fire vehicle decanters, which  focused on historic fire          good news. Just
        engines. These decanters are cross-collectible since whiskey              as fire is used to
        collectors, decanter collectors, and fire truck collectors all search     burn forest land,
        for them.                                                                 leading to a rebirth
           A fire engine (also known as a fire truck, fire lorry, or fire         of the forest, so too
        appliance) is a vehicle primarily designed for firefighting               one generation selling its collectibles leads to another generation of
        operations. The terms “fire engine” and “fire truck” are often used       collectors.
        synonymously. The primary purpose of a fire engine is to transport          Jim Beam fire engine decanters will never become extinct
        firefighters to a fire scene, provide water with which to fight a fire,   as long as men like to drink and little boys dream of becoming
        and carry other firefighting equipment as needed.                         firemen.
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