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                         Volume 33 No. 2                             OCTOBER 2019                         TAKE ONE
                                                   WOWEE WHISTLES

                                                   Tasted like earwax but charmed children

                            By Larry LeMasters
                                   LeMasters’ Antique News Service

                                                    Wowee Whistles, in the 1960s, cost 5¢, and every kid in America
                                                 thought that was a bargain. Every Halloween, kids dressed in costumes
                                                 and hit the streets trick or treatin’ while alternately blowing on Wowee’s
                                                 five-note scale or taking large bites of the paraffin-tasting harmonica. And
                                                 the number of Wowee Whistles that grade school teachers confiscated
                                                 each year was monstrous!                                           Antique Wowee Chewing Gum Whistle original
           Glenn Confections Wowee Whistle with witch                                            Continued on Page 2  box by Glenn Confections. This box, without any
                illustration that is valued at $100.                                                                   whistles, was offered on eBay for $275.

           The Feed Store Antique Mall in Ellenton is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this fall.
          50 Dealers with a Wide Variety of Vintage Decor, Collectibles, Jewelry & Antiques
           We  have  a  great  selection  of  dealers  selling  a  wonderful  variety  of  previously  loved
         merchandise. There is truly something for everyone and is certain to entertain all visitors.  Diamond in the Rust Semi-Annual Vintage Market November 22-24
           We have a very friendly staff who is always eager to help.  Stop in for a wonderful Ol’ Florida   Diamond in the Rust invites you to our Semi-Annual Vintage Market at Diamond D Ranch, this
         shopping experience.                                                     November 22nd-24th. Drive to the rural side of Jacksonville and savor the country roads along
                                                                                  the way.                                      DIAMOND D RANCH
                                                                                    Bring  your  friends  and  come  shop  some  of  the  South’s
                                                             FEED STORE           favorite vendors, located in our beautiful barn pavilions and   904-289-9331
                                                           ANTIQUE MALL           under the shaded oak hammocks at 5903-1 Solomon Road   5903-1 Solomon Rd
                                                          4407 US Hwy 301 N       in Jacksonville. Come discover your newest Christmas and   Jacksonville, FL 32234
                                                           Ellenton, FL 34222     fall finds. There will be one-of-a-kind pickins’ such as vintage
                                                             941-729-1379         treasures,  farmhouse  finds,  home  décor,  re-loved  furniture,  handcrafted
                                                                                  goods, unique items, antique relics, tasty treats, unique gifts and more.
                                                              OPEN 7 DAYS:          Our  show  is  a  unique  shopping  experience  that  you  and  your
                                                            Mon-Sat 10am-5pm      shopping gals and pals won’t want to skip out on. Market
                                                               Sun 12-5pm         hours  are  Friday  and  Saturday  9am-5pm,  and  10am-
                                                                                  4pm on Sunday. Tickets are available at the door and
                                                                                  online!  Check  us  out  on  Facebook  and  Instagram  for
                                            ticket promos and sales!

                                                  Florida’s Largest Monthly Antique Event!

                                                         300                   South Florida Fairgrounds
                                                                                    9067 Southern Blvd.
                                                  VENDORS                       West Palm Beach, FL 33411                     OCT 4-6

                                                      EARLY BUYERS:  “1st Pick” Friday 12-5PM • Admission $10 - Good All 3 Days • GEN. ADMISSION: SAT 9AM-5PM, SUN 10AM-4:30PM • Admission $8
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