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Page 10          The Antique Shoppe          January, 2017
                                      Banksy Prints Set Record Prices
                                        Prints and  other art work by  Banksy,
                                      the famout London graffiti artist, sold in
                                      a  fall  2016  auction.  Banksy  is  a  political
                                      activist  and  film  director  of  unverified
                                      identity. Known for satirical street art with
                                      graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling
                                      technique.  reported  that  15       Dressing Downton™ Exhibition at the Lightner Museum
                                      world records were set at Forum Auctions.      This  is  an  exquisite  exhibition  of  36  costumes  and  accessories  paired  to  perfection  in
                                        Screen  print  “Girl  with  a  Balloon,”   engaging vignettes, immersed amongst Otto Lightner’s collection of turn of the century fine
                                      brought a record $104,750. “Nola” a print    art and furniture. Many museum pieces in storage and others presently being restored will be
                                      of a girl with an umbrella and orange rain,   on view for the first time as a part of the exhibition. Dressing Downton™ will be masterfully
                                      sold for $50,025.                            displayed in the Museum’s Grand Ballroom Gallery October 4, 2017 thru January 7, 2018
                                                                                     Lightner Museum is located at 75 King Street, St. Augustine, FL, 904-824-2874.

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