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        Kewpie                               published O'Neill's elfin sketches in its   Cecilia Rose O'Neill died, and her original   the International Rose O'Neill Club; PO Box
                                                                                                                                    668; Branson, MO; 65616.
        Continued from Page 1                December 1909 Christmas issue. O'Neill's   ended. In 1947, following                     For most antiquers,
           The  history of  Kewpie dolls  is  actually   Kewpies created an overnight sensation   the wishes of O'Neill,            O'Neill's  name    is
        the history  of  their creator—Cecilia  Rose   and several publications commissioned her   Joseph Kallus was granted        unknown, but her creation
        O'Neill.  O'Neill, born  in  1874,  showed   work, and several companies purchased   all rights to the Kewpie               is everywhere. It is almost
        remarkable  talent as a                           commercial  advertising  trademark, patent, and                           impossible to walk into an
        young  artist,  winning                           rights from O'Neill to   copyright, promising to                          antique store and not see
        a drawing  contest for                            use Kewpie characters   always "protect the good                          a Kewpie somewhere, and
        children  in 1889.  Her                           on   numerous   items   will and name of Rose                             at any antique paper sale,
        drawing,   Temptation,                            such as jewelry, dishes,   O'Neill and her Kewpie                         where postcards abound,
        was  so good, the  editors                        books, postcards, comic   creation."                                      there will be hundreds
        of  the Omaha World                               strips, etc. But Kewpies   As with all collectibles,                      of Kewpie postcards to
        Herald newspaper,  who                            remained in illustrative   Kewpie postcards depend                        choose from.
        sponsored  the contest,                           form until 1911 when    on condition and rarity.                            So if Kewpies haunt
        found it difficult to believe                     The   Woman's   Home    Unused postcards are                              your dreams as they
        a teenage girl drew it.                           Companion and Ladies    generally worth more                              did O'Neill's, and you
           It was while recovering                        Home Journal published   than used ones; however,                         are drawn to collecting
        from  depression  that                            "Kewpie Kutouts" paper   some collectors believe a                        Kewpie   New    Year's
        O'Neill dreamed  of elfin-                        dolls in their children's   used postcard  adds  a bit                    postcards, start collecting
        like creatures  that  would                       pages. Soon after this,   of social history to the   Circa 1910 Kewpie New Year’s   now because these cute
        become   her   Kewpie                             George Borgfeldt & Co.,   card.                       postcard; $18.      cards go up in price every
        designs and change her life                       a famous marketing and    To   discover  more                             year; although, original
        and the face of advertising                       distribution  company,  about pricing guidelines                          Kewpie   New    Year's
        forever.  Later,  in  an                                                                       for    Kewpie   postcards may still be purchased in the
        article in  The  Woman’s   Old Rose O’Neill Kewpie postcard                                    New     Year's  range of $5-$15 for the most part.
        Home Companion, O'Neill   “New Year’s Luck;” $40.                                              Day postcards     Estate sales are some of the best
        said  of the dream,  the                                                                       and   Kewpies   places to look for Kewpie New Year's Day
        creatures "were all over my room, on my                                                        in general, you   postcards or any old postcards for that
        bed and one perched on my hand…  Well,   c ontr ac te d                                        might   want    matter. Occasionally these cards can still
        in the morning I rose less reluctantly than   with  O'Neill                                    to    consider  be found at garage sales, and, of course,
        usual and made some drawings of the little   to  "produce                                      joining  one    flea markets are wonderful places to hunt
        persons that had played on my bedspread   a  variety                                           of the many     for Kewpie postcards. Some collectors build
        in the night.  They had plumb, naked bodies   of  Kewpie                                       Kewpie   Doll   entire collections only hunting for them on
        and a small topknot of hair, and I named   figurines and                                       Clubs      in   the Internet. While it is true that there are
        my visitors 'Kewpie,' by way of a pet name   dolls."                                           existence.  A   many, many Kewpie New Year's postcards
        for cupid. Of course, I should have spelled it   On April 6,                                   large one with   offered everyday on eBay, sitting at home
        'Cupie,' but the 'K' seemed funnier then, to   1944, at the   1925 Kewpie New Year’s postcard   international   and staring at a computer takes most of the
        begin it with."                      age of seventy,      printed by Gibson Art Company; $30.  affiliations  is  fun out of the hunt.

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