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 One poem a day keeps those yt demons away. My sister taught me that and how to love with fire.
I wake and ask the mirror
If you could destroy anything with one punch
what would it be? I’ve spent hours rolling the question from thumb to middle finger, back to thumb
and up to index, desperately searching for a nonviolent way to destroy the nuclear family, the capitalist leech, the mortal insecurity
it requires to turn your stupid suffering body away from other stupid suffering bodies, and on
and on until there’s nothing innocent left—only the hollow remains of humanity’s self-loathing:
maxed out credit cards slashed by the talons
of sleep-deprived landlords, huddled masses siphoning
water jugs poisoned for sick sport where treachery is the only winner, homeless saints
smoldering piles of rubber tires, condoms, pacifiers, cosmetic facial augmentations contorted by time, and

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