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P. 22

on and on past the liquid ghosts of glaciers, headwaters assaulted by infernal man-made crime,
gray cash caskets of forests long gone, infected bile of the deep blue sea, and on
past the vultures flogging themselves
to determine who gets to eat today—usually
they who live through pampered torture may reap the sorry benefits of this faulty simulation and on
past the politicians auctioning off public land
for a few hundred feet of greenery where they’ll build
monuments to a weezing healthcare system
while their constituents starve in the vestibule, and on
past the haphazard borders separating nothing but the will to go on knowing you live
on the same land as your apathetic foreign policy bathing lasciviously in dark red, coquetting
your narcotized eyes so obscurity is just another sickness you can whitewash away, and on

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