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brandishing my knife. I would’ve laughed at myself if I wasn’t already trying to stave off a panic attack. Unfortunately, my attempts at intimidation were unsuccessful, and the monster took several steps toward me. I tried to calm my heart rate, deep breathing and all that, but tunnel vision had already set in and I was locked on to el Chupacabra. Slowly, I stepped backwards to further the distance between us. If I could give myself enough of a head start, maybe I could stand a chance at outrunning this thing.
“Just stay there,” I willed it with everything I had. Just stay there. Just stay there. Just— CRUNCH.
I winced, squeezing my eyes tight, in realization of what I’d done. It was a fallen branch, laying just so as I distanced myself. The noise of my foot breaking it in two alerted the monster of my plan of escape. It let out a high- pitched snarl and displayed its teeth, jaws opened so wide that they looked unhinged. Taking off with unbelievable speed, it charged at me, closing the distance before I could react.
In a lunge, it sunk its claws into my shoulders and dropped me to the floor. Screaming in pain, I impaled the monster with my knife. I struck it right in the abdomen and twisted it inwards. It let loose a howl, but its pain only angered it. The spot where its abdomen touched mine bega

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