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 36began to feel warm and wet as its blood pooled onto me. Despite its injury, it clenched on to me, sinking its claws further into me. I writhed in agony, sure I was done for. I grabbed its throat with my offhand, trying to fend off the massive set of teeth, but could feel my arms growing weak against the force of the monster.
Quickly, I worked to bring my knees to my chest, then pushed them out against the monster. I managed to gain inches, maybe six or seven, to work with now and the monster’s arms were no longer able to dig its claws into my shoulders like it had. With the short distance now between us, I was able to see that the blood was not normal, but a noxious green that shimmered in the moonlight.
“That is gross on- gah -so many levels, hombre,” I managed, but the blood had already begun to cover my knees and thighs. In seconds, my legs had become so wet from its blood that they gave in, slipping against el Chupacabra’s slick, scaly sides.
Losing the advantage, the increasing sense of dread began to overwhelm me. I was going to die there. I was going to be killed by el Chupacabra because I went off into the desert in the night, just like Tío said would happen. I was going to die, and that sheriff’s office would say it was because of a mountain lion. I was going to die

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