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 38with it, he set it back down and opened it. It was empty, save for a panel laden with buttons. He pushed one of them, a “plus” sign, and suddenly the empty space in the case began to glow. There was a spark of light and then materials appeared inside of the case.
“What is that?” I asked while Snowbird searched through the contents and grabbed a small bottle that looked like a tube of toothpaste.
“Superliminal travel kit,” he said, as if I should know what it meant, but he realized my confusion and continued. “I can access several kits that exist in the vault with only the touch of a button. Med kit, cooking kit, repair kit. I got a hundred of ‘em. But let’s get you patched up before we go any further.”
He opened the bottle and brought it to my injured shoulder, then squirted a gel onto the wounds.
“Funny thing is, though, my navigation kit doesn’t work. We don’t have satellites out here,” he said with a chuckle. That would explain needing a map.
“And who’s we?” I asked. Every answer only served to raise more questions. I wasn’t quite sure if I should stay to hear more or run in the opposite direction.
My skin began to feel hot where the gel touched it. It stung, like a wasp’s sting. I looked down at my shoulder and couldn’t believe what I saw. My skin had started to close, reattaching itself as if pulled together with stitching.

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