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P. 65

 What the hell are you doing?
Giving in. Because I had to. Those blue eyes pestered me. The phone shrieked day and night. He begged to see me, had to see me. Why was I ignoring him? The phone creaked under my grip. I clenched my teeth tighter with every word. I listened for the inevitable pop and metallic taste coating my tongue.
Come see me or else I’ll come there and search for you.
My father’s essence haunted me. It muttered disappointments in my ears at dinner. I heard him sucking his teeth as I drifted to sleep. I dreamed of his rage, the disgust buckling his lips when he heard the news. His spirit harangued my every move. I thought of my father and what I should do. Must do. I called the boy and we agreed to meet where I could be seen by the sun and not the silent witness of night.
You’re not a victim.
Towering acacias guarded me I marched, head bowed along the streets. Their sprawling branches spied the neighborhood ahead of me. Their blossoms murmured secrets on the breeze. Halfway there I listened to a silent guardian telling me to look up. A cloth flickered behind a tree in the distance. The blue-eyed boy was waiting to ambush me. I stifled my rage and suppressed the urge to run away. I would always be swallowed by the thought of him if I did not go through with this.

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