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You think this is a joke?
It’s in realizing my advantage that I shed my skin as prey. The hide withered as I left it in the shadows. The quickened steps and hunched back of a spurned creature elongated and rippled. My body thrummed to a thrill rising inside me. I picked my way along the tree line, hiding behind the trees as I anticipated his moves.
This time I’ve got you.
Those blue eyes leaped out. His crooked teeth cut a cruel mask of delight. His arms grasped the air where I would’ve been and halted at the knife pointed toward his throat. Anger welded the sharp metal with my hand. The point, my index. Its handle, my bone. A strange pleasure bloomed inside me.
Didn’t see that coming, huh? But I saw you.
The words tumbled like bricks from deep in my throat. Rough and hard, bitter at their core. They scraped forward and built a new me under the swaying acacias. This last lesson I learned on my own.
You don’t get to do that anymore!
Lesson five. It’s the audacity of my violence that restrained him. Not the now-screaming mouth he once kissed. Not the sharp
brown eyes he once loved in serenades. The potential rendering

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