Page 76 - GRANADA
P. 76

I saw them cover up the whole thing. The fire rebranded as innovation,
the flood masqueraded as streamlined technology, the land’s newly spawned
cracks chalked up to creative solutions.
I saw someone I’d never seen. Impossible because I’d never created anything, much
less anyone. I tried asking if they were lost
but they only had thoughts and prayers to offer. I recoiled, recalling the white hot sting of
others on my brittle skin. I was the paper caught on demon’s wings. Written in
the sky, cradled by fallen angels.
Suddenly my memory was shot. Suddenly everything existed inside me.
Suddenly I drank the sacrament of time and cried the dried up remains of humanity.
Suddenly the powers that be, were, and people rose from long-forgotten crevices and pores to reclaim a land so lush they couldn’t duplicate it if their most tortured artists tried
for days and weeks and decades and centuries. Suddenly it all made sense. Suddenly deprivation was a thing of a loveless past. Suddenly the earth folded in on itself.
Suddenly, quite suddenly, I was back in my childhood bedroom watching people on the news die and cry and spew commonly understood falsehoods to wide-eyed constituents. Suddenly I reached into the TV, absolved their pain, made it mine, elected to
keep it safe for as long as my vessel had fuel. This torrent of affect became my inner well. Suddenly I was as unwell as our
selfless earth. Suddenly it all made sense. Suddenly
we were floating on a river of tears whose eyes
were nowhere to be found. Suddenly there I was, and here you are,
and everything was okay in the morning.

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