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NYS GEAR UP Choosing Your Own Path Choosing Your Own Path NYS GEAR UP Choosing Your Own Path Lesson 5 10 IMPORTANT FACTS WHEN CREATING A A A A COVER LETTER
• • Add your name address and contact information to to the the top of the the document
• • • Use a a a a a a a a a a a a a salutation such as: Greetings To Whom This May Concern etc • • First paragraph:
‰ ‰ Introduce yourself: My name is and express interest in in the job position
‰ ‰ Summarize the the skills and and educational background you you have obtained
• Second paragraph ‰ ‰ Discuss your work experience and how it it is is directly correlated to the open job position
(4-5 sentences) ‰ ‰ Ensure you you you you research the the job job position
so you you you you can discuss it it it it in relation to to your your work work experience experience • Third Paragraph
‰ Thank the the the employer for for taking the the the time to to out to to consider you you Also add your contact information and tell the the the employer you are looking forward to discussing this job position
• Use a a a a a closing salutations: Yours truly Sincerely etc and your full name 

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